According to an article recently released by in the news last year at November, the government has introduced a plan to cap loans from licensed money lenders in Singapore. Some earlier measures adopted were the 4 per cent licensed money lender Singapore interest rate to all borrowers, which was implemented
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Many Singaporeans that need fast cash or immediate cash have turned to several loan providers such as the banks, licensed money lenders and even pawnshops in Singapore. In an event of an emergency, many Singaporeans and PRs that have a bad credit history are left with wondering where else can
Most of us have a basic understanding of what a personal loan entails. We understand that in return for a cash injection, we would have to pay back both the initial principle sum plus interest, which represents the opportunity cost and risk incurred in extending the loan to us. As
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In an ideal world, you would never need a loan, and be able to live your life perfectly within your means. However, in the highly volatile modern world, plenty of unforeseeable circumstances ruin even the best thought of plans. Everyone will likely at some point of their life incur a
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